ForeverMore BOM



In creating her new FOREVERMORE collection, Pam Buda chooses a classic palette of deep cranberry, slate and sage, blended with neutrals for lasting appeal. She brings them together in a rich and varied sampler style BOM quilt. The result is a statement project any quilter would be proud to claim as a part of their creative legacy.

“As quiltmakers, we construct our quilts with carefully chosen fabrics, cutting and assembling the blocks with care, and with love stitched into each and every inch. To most, it’s a blanket to keep you warm. To us, it’s a work of art and so much more. We pour our skills and creativity into the making of each quilt, with the hope that over time, they will be cozy examples to serve as proof that we were here….now and ForeverMore.”
— Pam Buda

*Finished quilt measures:  84″ x 84″

*Twelve month program

*Registration Fee:  First month is due at time of registration

*Monthly Fee:  $24.99 for 12 months

*Includes pattern, fabric for quilt top and binding.  Backing is sold separately.