Our Story: Sewing Seeds Quilt Co.

Jackie Forst, Cindy Wendinger and Ann Wendinger, the owners of Sewing Seeds Quilt Company, have often been asked “Are you three related or friends?”.

Our story begins back in high school when Jackie and Cindy got to know each other while double dating.  Our dates happened to be first cousins and soon would become our husbands!  Cindy and Allen married in 1987 and Jackie and Glenn in 1988.  Our faith brought us to St. George Catholic Church, where we met our new friends and neighbors, Ann and David.

For years, we raised our children together, quilted together and grew our friendship.  We always dreamed of “some-day” when we could open our own quilt shop.  Buildings for sale or rent would stimulate more discussion about our possibilities, visions and goals.  The perfect building to hold all of our dreams and ideas was finally found.  Our “some-day” became a reality when we purchased the future site of Sewing Seeds Quilt Company in October 2012.  That same week we made a quick trip to the International Quilt Market in Houston, Texas, where we ordered our very first lines of fabric and returned home off and running!  The remodel began, inventory arrived and 90 days later we opened the doors to our dream come true.  We couldn’t have done it without the MANY hours of hard work and encouragement from our amazing husbands.  We love you so much!  To our realtor and friend, Lynn Gudgeon, thank you for all of your advice and support.  To Ann’s brother, Dick, thank you for the beautiful homegrown lumber used to build our cabinetry.  To our friend, Gary Hoffmann, thank you for the design and construction of our cabinets.  And of course, thank you to our family and friends who still continue to help in many countless ways!

The quilt blocks used in our logo design represent our story well.  Three farmer’s daughters, each with different colors and personalities, joined together, sewing seeds and living a dream.